CINDY'S - Spiritual Haven
I have been given a gift to help assist and guide people on their true spiritual path.
Welcome to the official web site of Cindy who is recognized as a psychic medium. We hope you find the web site to be interesting, resourceful, and enlightening.
I am an ordained minister, Reiki Master teacher, and also consider myself a continual student of spiritual evolvement. For over fourteen years I have worked professionally with my clients and law enforcement with a great success rate. The last four years I have taught classes on psychic development and have recently in the last few years taught Reiki.  All of my spiritual work is directed from pure spirit, thru my guides and angels. 
Let Cindy be your muse, inspiring, helping to open up blocked passages and areas in you and your life, Helping you to develop your own gifts, or just sit back and enjoy a light reading or business consulting from Cindy. Cindy has inspired and helped hundreds. You will find Cindy is down to earth, with a good sense of humor, and accurate in her complete assessment of your situation. With her high integrity and established credible reputation; has placed others unparalleled to her gifts, expertise and years in the field as one of the top professional psychics today. Cindy with her experience, knowledge, today's education, expertise and years in the field will inspire you.  
  • Before each consultation or class, I prepare with meditation and prayer. 
  • I call upon my guides and angels as well as yours to work with me to provide the highest and clearest information to guide you on your path. 
  • I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and clair-empathic
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